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Recyclage des déchets alimentaires

Création d'une JV franco-émiratie pour recycler les déchets alimentaires à Abu Dhabi

le 13/12/2016

Monday 12 December 2016,

Emirates International Facility Management LLC (EIFM), an Abu Dhabi based facility management company and Ennesys SA, a French award-winning biotechnology company, enter into an MOU to form a partnership in Abu Dhabi to develop the first plant that will recycle food waste into high value added products.

Ennesys offer a unique patented process which allows the valorisation of environmental remediation by turning organic pollutants into high value-added resources: clean water for irrigation, renewable energy for powering the system, organic compost, liquid fertilizer and high value algae bio stimulant highly sought in the agriculture industry.

This system, the FREEWATERBOX® is based on phyco-remediation, with integration of a photo bioreactor allowing photosynthesis, which uses liquid digestate and CO2 generated by the system for algae production while remediating ultimate residues.

In the context of increasingly water and energy scarcities, as highlighted in the UN World Water Development Report published in March 2014, this disruptive innovation contributes to limiting and addressing pollution and brings a profitable solution for most countries facing high costs in energy, water and agriculture. Today, this is the most sustainable solution to contribute to food security.

After having successfully implemented a pilot of the FREEWATERBOX® on a property in Abu Dhabi, EIFM led Ennesys to jointly develop a commercial sized plant that will turn food waste into a daily production of international Grade A Liquid Fertiliser, Algae Bio Stimulant, and ISO Normed Compost. The system will be self-sufficient producing its own water and energy needed to operate the plant.

This AED36m plant project will be located in Abu Dhabi and shall be fully operational by December 2017.

With this project, EIFM and ENNESYS unite their vision, creativity and their human resources to demonstrate that waste can be turned into valuable resources using a totally natural and biological process.

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